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thanks for the tips, my niece is wanting a marbled buttercream on a cake. i was thinking this was but just wanted other opinions.
has anyone marbled buttercream? if so, would you just add your color and not mix it throughly? any tips
how long will a fbct keep in freezer?
thank you, that makes sense and that is what i thought but i wanted to be sure. so you mark it on the dark line near where the # is?
i'm a newbie and i'm wanting to put drapes of fondant on the side of a cake and i want them to be level and even. So, can someone give me detailed instructions on using the cake dividing wheel? for example, if you are wanting to divide a 6" cake into 6ths. do you put the cake in the center and just mark everywhere the 6 is on the wheel? do you line it up exactly on that # or do you mark it where the line is in corilation to the #?
hi!!!i ordered some from sugarcraft but they are very expensive in shippong. if you type in hi ratio shortening. i have seen a couple of threads that told where you could buy it in 50lbs. i tried it for the first time last week and it was sooooo good and even did a taste test with it and buttercream made with crisco and it won hands down. also, it holds up extremely well in our heat and humidity right now.
I am going to try to do a fbct tonight and i was wondering what is the best kind of icing to use for doing one. i have a batch of hi-ratio buttercream i made (the crusting recipe) no butter actually in it. will this work to do a fbct??? or should i use a buttercream thats 1/2 butter and 1/2 crisco?
when you say the cheap ones are you talking about the one for painting model cars?
i have done several cakes and have torted most. but my question is do most of yall tort your wedding cakes and stacked cakes???
i'm in nc and have heard everyone mention the hi-ratio shortening. can someone tell me where you might can order this. they don't sell it at the stores here.
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