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Try Caljava at Their Fondex brand fondant is very good and they have sale regulary.
I have used some that were for Sculpty clay I believe. If you look in my pictures, there is a heart with initals pressed into them. Not quite as small as what you had in your pic, but they did seem to work very nicely. Got them at Michael's.
Could be the way you are kneading it. If you knead it like you would knead bread it will get bubbles in it. I was taught to roll it out like a snake, folding it in half and twisting it like a rope with the ends together, repeating this over and over till it is smooth and elastic. No bubbles. Hope this helps.
Good question. I'd like to know also. I freeze all my cakes, even if it is only for a night as it really adds to the moistness and flavor. But, I wrap them up good and tight with plastic wrap and put them back in their pans to keep their shapes. I'm wondering if cupcakes could be put in a plastic ziploc and frozen or what....
The baker learned some valuable lessons, her supporters cheered...and they all baked happily ever after.
I'm making a princess dress cake for my granddaughter. For those of you who use the dress pan, do you tort and fill, or leave it whole? Thanks![/list]
I've only used Fondex and Sweet Inspirations, but if this is anywhere as good, you have nothing to worry about. I just bought some myself and will be using it soon.
I use Fondex. You can get it online from caljava. It is amazing to work with and tastes wonderful. They also make Sweet Inspiration white chocolate pendant that is quite yummy.
Yes! Thank you. That is exactly what I was talking about. Yea!
A while back there were some posts about a style of fondant that was made up of small individual, puffy ribbon like pieces. Does anyone remember this or know the name of what I am trying to describe? Pictures? Thanks! It's driving me nuts not being able to.remember.
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