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Thanks! I will check the recipe section...
We are planning a retirement/bon voyage party for my mom. She will be moving from PA to FL, so this will be our last big family event for her. As a single parent, she has sacrificed so much for all of us over the years, and we really want to show our appreciation in a major way. I volunteered to make the cake, although we could have easily had it catered at the venue that we are using. Here's my dilemma, I need cake and filling recipes that will wow all of her guest,...
If you go under the articles section, there is an article entitled How_To_Make_and_Decorate_with_MarshMallow_Fondant_(MMF). It gives the recipe for MMF. But I agree I can be difficult to control the consistency. I only used the Satin Ice once, but I don't think I will go back to MMF. I personally hate kneading the colors into fondant. I think I will just take the lazy road and by store bought from now on
I have just tryed Satin Ice for the first time and love it!! It's way more forgiving than MMF. I bought it online and it generally arrives in 4-5 days. try or
I agree, I have bought it online twice, it generally arrives in 4-5 days. try
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