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I put the cake mix ingredients and the extender ingredients all together in a large mixing bowl. It comes out great.
Here you go:
I bought the little pounders to apply the luster dust at the craft store. They're sold where the stencils are. The luster dust was purchased on-line and yes, it is edible.. If you don't have luster dust, try Global Sugar Art. If I'm not mistaken, the gold I used was called highlighter dust. It gives more of a shinier gold finish.
I used stencils and luster dust on mine but instead of mixing it with alcohol, I used it dry. They sell little pounders that are very inexpensive at the craft store for this purpose. I didn't have any leaks or smudging. I made a few books in my pics using this technique, if you want to take a look.
I went to Staples and had them enlarge it for me. If I recall, it was several sheets of paper.
I've never used Wilton's, so I can't help with that but I use High Lighter Dust. It is much shinier than Luster Dust. If you look in my photos at the Confirmation cake, you can get an idea of what it looks like. You can buy it on line for your next project, if you don't have enough time now to order it.
I just made a Peter Rabbit cake for Easter. If you're interested, take a look in my photos. If you like the vegetables, pm me and I'll give you more details on how I made them.
I use Satin Ice and all my cakes go in the fridge, with no problems of sweating after they're removed.
Click on the Galleries tab at the top of the home page. When that opens, click on the last uploads tab and you will find all the new pictures.
I use it without the core and it comes out just fine.
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