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You might have to start over, unfortunately. Fondant forms itself to whatever shape it's on. so all the bumps and lumps of RCT will show. You should have covered the RCT in royal icing first, got it smooth and then fondant.HTHkelleygirl
Thank you all for your help.
Hi All,I love cake decorating! I just love it. I'm in the habit of collecting remnants of the things and hobbies that are dear to me. I just bought a new Grandfather Clock and would like to fill it with mini-porcelain cakes.Does anybody know where I can buy CAKE FIGURINES? I would like to start collecting them.Not looking for Cake Toppers, though. Would like to have a figurine that actually looks like a cake. I hope a site or store like this exists.See the example...
Congrats Thanh Thanh. You deserve. I try to imitate so many of your cakes. Good job.
I agree with potatocakes. Thoughtful husbands are hard to come by. Chances to make your own design will come a hell of a lot more often.
can you tell me exactly what is high-ratio shortening and how is it different from regular crisco?
Yes, IMBC stands for Italian Meringue Butter Cream. The Cake Bible calls it Mousseline Buttercream. Same thing. It tastes wonderful and is super smooth.
i found out about two years ago that the longer you whip butter the whiter it gets. I use IMBC for almost all my cakes and if you look at my pics you'll see that my icing, although not white white, it's pretty close. I also use real vanilla in my recipes. I whip it right in with the butter. I find that my customers will sacrifice the white color for the taste. Butter BC tastes so much better than shortening BC, IMO. You can also add a teaspoon of wilton white-white in...
What's a PITA fee?
When I first joined this site. I was looking thru the pics and I came across a pic where the poster said her dog had eaten a hole in the middle of the cake and she repaired it. I was so disgusted by it. My instructor told me once that her pet rabbit jumped on her cake when the client's son took the rabbit out of his hutch. Because it was the client's son who did it, she still made the client pay for it. Don't know if she served it or not.Just a couple of weeks ago I...
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