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Is anyone a member of I'm thinking about joining but I would like some feedback about it first. Any information would be greatly appreciated.Thanks
Does anyone have a good 7 Layer Caramel Cake recipe? My husband keeps wanting me to make one for him to take to work but I can't find a recipe. Please HELP!Thanks
Thanks, that really helps
OK lets try this... If no one has ever used it, tell me what y'all think about it from looking at it. Do you think it would be worth the money?
Hey guys!I came across a website that sold a cake slicer called "Piece of Cake" Layer slicing kit. I thought it looked pretty interesting, especially for making Caramel Cakes. Has anyone ever used it? I need some feedback before I pay out the $59.95 for it.Here is the website Thanks,Lazy_Susan
Thanks for the replies. You all have been very helpful.I still need to know, though, if I need to put the flower nail in the middle of the larger cakes. Also, should I be adding a pan of water, too?
So the convection doesn't cut down on the "time" that the cake has to stay in the oven? Also, given what you said in your post about no more "underdone middles", do I no longer need to use a flower nail in the middle of larger cakes? And one more thing, can I bake on more than one shelf at a time with multiple cake pans in the oven?Thanks
Hi guys,I have a convection oven. However, I have never used it for baking because I really have no idea how you know the cake is done or what will happen to it.Any help with this would be grately appreciated.Thanks,Lazy_Susan
The oven is a convection oven but I have yet to use the convection and use it as a conventional oven only because I don't really understand how to bake with the convection part. Also, I usually use parchment paper on my pans but this time I had run out and used wax paper on the bottoms and greased and floured the sides.
Hi guys,I bought a new oven and since then whenever I bake a cake the bottom and sides come out hard. Anyone know why???Thanks
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