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I charge $5, or 10% - whichever is greater - with less than 2 weeks notice for a tiered/specialty cakes and 48 hours for smaller orders (cupcakes, cookies, etc.) Posting the rush fees encourages people to book early and I've rarely had to charge one.
Just keep it in a cool place so that heat doesn't get to it. And make sure there are no rodents in the area - I put a piece in a box in the garage, which was not so smart.
You can find the semper ganache through other sources - I was just linking to a site that had it so you would know what I was talking about. It's considered stable - and is stored for months at room temp.
You can buy Semper chocolate "ganache" (labeled "milk chocolate truffles") - which might be ok to use.
I would use modeling chocolate instead of fondant to cover the cake. No tearing or stretching.
You would use sugarveil, not fondant.
Use dum dum suckers. The sticks can go right into the cake because they are food safe.
So would you rather have someone just never respond after your first quote? Or have an opportunity to maybe do a less expensive cake and still make a profit? Seems to me like they still want YOU to do their cake but are looking for a way to get something within their budget. It's not haggling, because they aren't asking you to lower your price - they are asking what you can do within their price range. Am I missing something? That's what happens in business... As to...
What ^they said...
What really matters is what the customer thinks. Did SHE think it was a $45 cake?
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