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Starbust and tootsie rolls work great. I recently made a cake for a guy friend that was just for fun. The rocks, anchor, and chest are tootsie rolls and everything else but the mermaid was starburst. Sorry I can't show you the mermaid.
If you are asking me, it has been a while since I made Dora. I use Americolors and I just mix colors until I get what I want. Just mix a little at a time. I would guess Ivory and Chocolate brown was what I used. BTW, since I didn't post the link correctly. This is the correct link to Dora.
Does Merchant's carry Alpine or Sweetex Hi-Ratio Shortening? Price? If not, do you know of a place in the DFW area that does. I know you can buy it online at sugarcraft but I would like to find it locally.
I grew up in Tulsa. After college I moved to Fort Worth. My parents still live near Tulsa and I am there most holidays.
After a lecture from DH, I will also be moving up to Semi-pro. I still don't feel like I qualify but he seems to think so.couturiere, I live in NW Fort Worth. Are you nearby?
I uploaded some pics of my entries. They are in my gallery.ME2, they only score the wedding cakes. Sometimes the judges leave notes on what they liked and didn't like but I didn't get any this year.It was really crowded this year. I had to sneak in early Sunday just to get pics. I hate being rushed.
I placed first for my snowman hat box and a third for my 2 puppies on the orange bear bed. They were in the adult advanced holiday and novelty sections. You might remember the snowman roasting a marshmallow in front of the snowman cake.I don't have pictures posted yet. Maybe tomorrow. I am still really tired. I left Tulsa at 3:30am this morning and went straight to work. Congrats to everyone that entered. I will see you in McKinney in March.
I finally made my way to Char's and I would not go there for the luster and pearl dust. Their selection is very limited and I couldn't figure out what kind of dust they were. Elizabeth has a much better selection of dust and had exactly what I needed.I bought some fondant at Char's and it seemed reasonable to me. $21 for 5 lb Pettinice and Americolor was $1.20 for the small bottle.
I made a pumpkin for Halloween last year. I used four 8" rounds and only carved the top cake to make it more round. I used the left over cake to make the stem. It is covered in buttercream and airbrushed.
It has been a few months but I am starting to get back into decorating. I guess my friends know me for my sculpting and painting. I always go for the WOW. They never know what to expect from me.Hopefully, with Deanna's help, I will have some gumpaste flowers in my album in the future. I would love to make some realistic flowers on an elegant cake.Terri
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