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If you need to use two different pans, put them side-by-side. Fill the crack with bc icing and spread it over so it covers the seam. Let that dry for a bit, then do your crumb coat, then regular coat. You won't see the seam at all.
I worked on the blanket for about two hours non-stop. Maybe I am taking too long and they are drying out. I keep them covered if I walk away from them. Is there anything I can do to keep them from drying out while I am working on them? I am very slow with my work.
Last week (and the week before), I was trying to make fondant decorations for my daughter's birthday cake and ended up giving up. I was using Wilton fondant and it would crack the second I moved it. I tried moving it before it was dry. Then, I cut the pieces and decided not to move them until they dried and they cracked around the edges while drying. I tired using cornstarch as wilton Directed, it didn't work. I tried using Crisco, didn't work. I did knead the fondant very...
Yes, you can. you can also use chocolate pudding if you do use a chocolate cake mix. You can substitute an equal amout of melted butter for the oil too.
Has anyone ever poked holes in thier cake and done this??? Also, has anyone ever tried doing this with Eagle Brand milk? I have had tres' leches and it wasn't soggy at all, I was just curious if anyone had tried using just Eagle Brand instead of simple syrup. I am too chicken to try it.
I had trouble with bake strips too. I gave up on them (sorry to hijack the thread.) Did someone say that there was a tutorial on this? It is such an original idea!!!
Gosh, I'll have to come back here more often. You ladies make me feel good about my skills !!!
Awwwwwwwww. You guys are so sweet. Like I said, I could not have done it without you guys. I felt like I was trying to find something in the dark with no flashlight.
Cute. I have never seen a cupcake cake!!! How neat.
Where are the pics? I can't find them.
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