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Have you thought about using fondant? It might be easier on you with the dark colors.
BRP Box Shp is great to order from. You can get samples of sizes you want to check out for just the cost of shipping too. You hav to buy in boxes of 100 though. PaperMart is also great to order from.
I'm with Mensch here. Just because the design they recieved would have been more expensive doesn't mean that they should have been happy with the mishap. We all have moments, but this was her wedding day... she had her vision and the cake you delivered wasn't it. More detail isn't always better... I know I wouldn't have wanted an ornate cake for my wedding and wouldn't have been happy if my simple cake didn't show up. Maybe they didn't see the cake until they arrived...
Oh ick... I'd not be thrilled about that request either. Green basket weave??? No accounting for taste hmm?
It keeps for a good LONG time. When I make it... I separate it out into smaller bits (usually 6 pieces) and wrap them and pop them into a vacuum bag (just the hand held reynolds bags) and put it in the fridge. It keeps very well that way.
I don't think that wasc tastes like a scratch cake, but that is my own personal opinion. I could tell it was based on a mix when I tasted it, but that is neither here nor there since some love mix cakes and that is their own personal tastes and none of my business. Also... I make monstro stacked cakes with scratch cakes all the time, so you don't have to use a mix to make a successful, stable stacked cake. And I only say this so that someone reading doesn't think that...
I use parchment and no spray or grease or anything... they turn out everytime with no issue.
The full recipe makes a good amount of gumpaste... but I totally understand if you need a ton.
You can easily 1/2 or 1/4 the recipe if you don't have enogh tylose to make the whole thing.
Make it... hands down.I use Nic Lodge's recipe... 4 ingredients and I can make it in my sleep. It says to let it rest, but you can use it straight away if you want. Premade GP isn't the same. I haven't found a brand that compares to making it yourself.
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