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I'm sorry - what is LMF?
I'm doing a decorating class for a birthday party with some young girls and I'm looking for a way to keep the bags closed for them so they don't have to keep twisting them closed.Does anyone have any tips on how to keep the bags closed? ThanksJan
I have a few friends/neighbors that have asked me to do cakes for them. Then, I have had their friends asking me for cakes. My biggest dilema is I feel like I always undercut myself. I figure out my cost and round up slightly and that's what I charge them. What would you say would be a good Mark Up percentage for charging? I pretty much figure out what it cost me to buy the ingredients, (shelf price plus I add the sales tax percentage that I get changed at the store)....
I am rusty on some of my decorating techniques, so I wanted to 'brush up'. How long can I keep frosting around for just 'practice' purposes. I hate the idea of keep making frosting and having to throw it out when it's not getting eaten. However, I didn't know if it would work to make some and just keep in refrigerated for practicing.Any thoughts? Jan
I Totally understand the higher ingredients part. I myself have celiac disease which prevents me from having Wheat/Gluten products. So, I try to help out my fellow friends who need allergy free products and that can be tricky pricing because we do need to charge more because the ingredients are so much higher.Thank you to EVERYONE who posted such nice replies. Love this forum where people are happy to help eachother out.
Thank you for all the honest, good natured answers. Seems all over the board. Did you hear of the company selling cupcakes out of the vending machine? It's $4.00-$5.00 a cupcake! But I believe that is NY City, so it would make more sense. Always more $$ in the city.(*Sorry I didn't think of it first. LOL)
What is the going rate for cupcakes? Someone said $15/dozen but that seemed low. Someone else said $2.00 each which would be $24/dozen. What is people charging for cupcakes and are people willing to pay it?Looking at just buttercream, boxed mix cupcake (no filling) with small pick type decoration on top.Thanks!Located in Suburbs of Chicago
I'm looking at going a fruit filling in a buttercream cake. I went to the store and found the Jam that everyoen talks about - but then saw next to it a jar "Smucker's Simply Fruit". What's the difference and which should I use for the filling?It's a buttercream layer cake - friend wants Raspberry filling. So I saw the post of adding Jello to the Jam and then using that as filling. Is this accurate? Or, do I just use the product out of the jar? Please help. Never did...
Thanks for the information and the warning about the gluten free. However, I myself am gluten free and need to be due to health reasons, so it's not an issue for me. That is why this person came to me. My kitchen has never seen wheat flour in it. Thanks again - I appreciate the input.
2 layer (One chocolate/One Yellow) specialty cake (Gluten Free) with raspberry filling and buttercream frostingbasic decorating I'm doing this for a neighbor but don't want to overcharge or undercharge. Want to be fair.Ideas? I'm in IL - suburbs of Chicago
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