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Here is a pdf file I made that gives a closer look at how I made my sculpted darth vader cake. Thanks!
I tried doing that but there isn't an option to change the keywords. just the album and picture.
Does anybody know if there is a way to edit the keywords of a photo that is already uploaded? I could probably delete my picture and reupload it with keywords but I'd rather just edit the existing picture if possible.
I'm working on a wedding cake that will have balls on wires on the top. here is a link to a picture of a cake my customer brought me and asked me to make. I also attached one of the pics. I thought the smaller balls will be light enough but I'm worried that the larger ones will be to heavy and cause the wire to tear the cake and fall out. If you look at the picture, do you think they used fondant/gumpaste for the balls or do you think they may have used something else...
I have been tossing about the idea of quiting my draining IT career and actually doing something I enjoy. has anybody here opened at cake shop in the state of Maryland that is willing to give some pointers on how to get a shop started up? who to talk to for rules and regs?
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