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What were the gold swirls made of to cause them to melt down like that? Are you meaning the condensation from the heat of the candles on the table affecting your swirls because the cake was still cool? Sorry if this sounds silly, but my brain just hasn't kicked into gear today yet...tcturtleshell can attest to that! LOL!
You go Girl!!!
Good luck, you'll do great! The colors are inviting!
I wonder if it's meant to read 1s? Wilton has this tip but try looking at Aetco (not sure it's spelled right) brand
I use silk flowers quite a bit and have never had a problem.
nothing wrong with being honest with yourself! (I like your cake!)
I would think with enough heavy doweling it should withold the weight, no?
All the while in your head you are hearing:"I'm sooooooo excited, I can do it, this is great, it'll be beautiful; wow, look what I've done!"Piece of cake!
Okay, how about an update as to how they LOVED the cake!
No way! I think the cake looks perfect and you've done a wonderful job...again!!!
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