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It's pretty much the same on the opposite side of the corner but going away from you. (if that is comfortable to you)Well, it may be old news for some of those who can do the corners well, but for those who are having problems I hope this helps some what. Joann
Hold the blade of whatever you are using so you can pull it towards yourself. (if that is comfortable to you)these posted out of step but you get the idea! I may be pretty good at square corners but adding attachments isn't my best!! LOL!
wgoat55: I put this together to give you an idea of how I do the corners and it doesn't take all that much icing.Sweetpeeps, watch carefully and see if this makes sense.(This may take a while as I'm posting several pics)
It doesn't take very much extra icing on the corners to put a square to it, even for those who do not like "a whole ton of frosting".My pans all have that "rounded corner" look and I fought with it while learning, but eventually got it. OCD? maybe
Checking to see if you've gotten any ideas as to what happened or why it happened to your icing. j
I thought your corners looked pretty good myself! I find adding enough icing to the corners is the biggest trick, then going back and "squaring" them off with my spakling tool. (If you don't have a spakling tool just use your icing spatula.)It's hard to explain but when trying to square them, I start from the outside and come across towards the center of each side/end. does that make any sense?HTH j
Congratulations!!! Beautiful cake!
Happy Birthday Jackie!Happy Birthday too Schmoop!
Hmm, 50/50 sounds like to me.Approach her with that percentage just like a business deal and see how it goes. If she doesn't want to do that then start out on your own and kindly refuse to help her.(I've heard never go into business with family or friends though...?)
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