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C&H is the brand I bought
Here in the Northwest I found it as Safeway, and the local grocer does as well. Possibly try a big food chain store and I find it near the sugar cubes, powdered sugar area.
If you can find it in your area try the Rich's Bettercreme or Pastry Pride. It's a whipped icing that isn't sweet and can stay unrefrigerated safely for some time. I believe there is another brand similar but off hand can't recall the name, I've seen some cc members mention it in the past.
Please know that prayers are being sent for all of you.
ahah! we have a branch of Michaels here, called Village Crafts, that allows you 50% off ONE item, that item cannot be a sale item either. That usually runs 2 days unless a special is happening, then they have the 40% off coupon, same thing, ONE item, and not on sale! coupon per customer per forbid I should take it to the Michaels store in Olympia and try to use it, we don't accept Village Crafts coupons here....WHAT???
gmcakes!!! That is what I've been using for a long time now, just bought the longer one and it's so nice!!! LOL! I love the hardware section for my cake decoratin!! Now I do have to get a bench scraper for sure, might be easier to handle.I love all the tips posted by everyone, it really helps everyone! THANK YOU!
Very well said gmcakes! It's amazing how quick you learn short cuts and can soon put a cake out in fairly good time!Now I'll have to look for a bench scraper, I do have the 2 sizes of "wall paper smoother thingies" from the hardware store that I use for the tops of the larger sheet cakes. Joann
I saw that the other day as well and told DH about it...of course he wanted me to buy it so WE could taste it...yeah right!
mmmm, maple sounds good-so does the peach mousse...wish I had some cake right now!I make a caramel topping with brown sugar and add it to my icing, I use the Pastry Pride, not sure if it would work with buttercream.
I'll add this one as well to show from the same angle as the pic of the pan.
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