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This was in a thread a while ago, and forgive me for not remembering who it was that stated this, but she said she learned to always place the top sides down and she never has a bulging problem. Anyone remember this? ShirleyW, what you explained is how I do it and it seems to work pretty good for me. Some day I am going to try the top sides down as well to check it out, never hurts to try something new!
hmmm, let me see here...NOTHING!We just moved and have the built in double ovens that both went out, and my 2 big burners on the stove top went out! I'm working that day besides so DH is on his own!(our kids have other plans with in-laws)
What a cute cake! I love the size of it, just right for a granddaughter and grandma tea party!
MMMMM! Hey, did you see Paula's Party show about a week ago where the guest made bread pudding using those donuts??? It looked delicious, but I would omit the raisins!
you know, I believe with the mocha buttercream and choc. gan. filling it may taste pretty darn good! (just mho is all!)
Thanks for the warning. I just read the label of the C&H brand of powdered sugar and it contains cornstarch so be careful.
I hope you have much more luck with it than I ever had! I hate it! When I've tried to level a cake, the blade will slightly turn upwards and slice right up through the cake. I ended up making my own large leveler with fishing line!
Your cake looks beautiful! Great work and worth it in the end!
Sorry for taking so long to answer your question, I was away from the computer for a while.Pastry Pride is a frozen whipped icing mix. You thaw it out, whip it and it looks like whipped cream and goes on nicely to decorate cakes. You can pipe borders with it and some flowers but it does seperate once it starts to warm up inside the piping bag from the heat of your hands. I use this about 99% of the time now and everyone loves the taste, it isn't sweet at all but creamy....
MMMMM! Sounds delicious! Thanks for the recipe, I use Pastry Pride almost all of the time and find mixing other ingredients with it useful. I've used the Kahula before but not with the pudding, sounds great. (I experiement a lot with it!) Lemon pie filling is heavenly mixed with it!
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