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In my area there is a rather large grocer that sells the Rich's Bettercreme in their bakery dept. I can get it by the gallon, a bit more cost than the Pastry Pride I get by the quart at an out of the way place I call "podunk" in their freezer isle where they sell cakes already decorated, this Pastry Pride, and whipped topping.Possibly some checking out different stores in your area, and some stores you would never think to look in, that could possibly carry one or the...
It may be the way you are holding the spatula when smoothing the sides and top. While practicing, check the way you are holding it as I've caught myself doing the same thing. Then when I first ice the top, it was always higher at one side or another until I noticed how I was holding the spatula. Now I use the paint/papering tool to spread and smooth the icing on top! When torting a cake, make sure it's cut level and put back together level after filling.When you tort...
My 2 cents here, tin foil under each layer of a wedding cake really detracts from the beauty of it. I did it once...not again! I may sound like a snob, but I cringe when I see foil under a wedding cake. For family/friends cakes with no seriousness involved foil is okay. Generally I use the freezer paper for most of mine if I don't have the cake boards in the right size.I haven't done the wrapping paper with contact paper as of yet but hopefully someday I'll try it.
Another way may be to do a cursive "L" can I explain this correctly...? Without making the entire thing in one motion, of course you'll have to stop to and start with each loop. Does that make sense?
Check out the home page here, it has a great tutorial on how to do one from BKeith.Here is the link:
JanH has it right, the Little Debbie snack brownies are 4 for a buck!
Yes, use parchement as it works also. It's just a little tougher to see the design through sometimes depending on how you do it.
Good luck! I wonder if you sprinkled it on dry fondant it would show up? I used it on a whipped icing and after about an hour it looked like the icing had mold on it! So......I had to chuckle at you using lemon juice as I did the same thing and it was messy.
it used to be 4 1/2 to 5 cups, depending on what flavor, but I find lately that they are coming up short and are only 4 to 4 1/2 cups.Oops, forgot to mention that it's the BC brand. DH brand you can generally get 5 cups if not 5 1/2
have you tried Lazy_susans bittersweet chocolate icing yet? I'm sure you can modify milk chocolate for the semi sweet/bittersweet, and I believe it'll hold up under poured ganache.It's a wonderfuly tasty chocolate icing!
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