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didn't mean to strike a nerve, just added what I thought was a bit of humor, that's all, nothing more, nothing less.
ha, I have to chuckle, the name "tickle your fancy" is what my daughter suggested to me a long time ago. I searched the web for names like that to see if they were taken...was I surpised at what came back! LOL!
I'm thinking the 9" takes 5 1/2 c batter, 11 c for 2 pans...?I use the baking strips, and possibly try the flower nail in the middle and it may take longer to bake, check it after so much time according to directions.
could you mix any icing in with that and what about the refridgeration issue?Sounds delicious though!
I am so sorry for your loss, my heart goes out to you and your family and I will say a prayer for you all. Your cake is a beautiful tribute to your brother. We lost my brother just a year ago and it still hurts. He will always be with you in your heart.
Wonderful tips bakers! Thanks tc for getting this out there, I do so much appreciate it!Now, on to the baking! jscakes
No! Even with Pastry Pride. I use Pastry Pride pretty much exclusively and fondant, mmf, slides off after a short time and becomes slimey (not sure how to spell that one!)(just my honest opinion)
Also try using a spakling tool, one with a very sharp straight edge, works great! The other is a wall paper/paint edge tool, can't beat it!For the tops if the tools aren't wide enough then I've been using the edge of a for sale sign, the kind you pick up at the hardware stores. Just make sure you clean and disinfect before using.
rezzycakes is right, it does get rough if you mix it too much but always keep some of the liquid on hand to add to it if it gets that rough, it helps.The weird texture is the icing seperating and firming because of the warmth of your hands, not fun when it does that!I find also that if you whip it until just before the stiff whipped cream stage, it's much easier to spread smoothly on cakes.
Another thought would be to use the Wilton Whipped icing they sell at most places where they sell the cake decorating products like Michaels, Village Crafts, etc. It runs around $4 a box in this area.
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