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The title should read more like: Where DON'T you keep your decorating tools?!
I like to add a cooled off ganache to it for a mousse type filling. I also add lemon pie filling with it for a super -"chiffon" lemon filling. I've also used raspberry jam with it, cream cheese, kahlua & chocolate....the list is endless, just experiment!I also add caramel ice cream topping for filling that goes with a maple pecan cake. For my sons birthday recently he asked for raspberry- cream cheese- chocolate filling. Okay, I can do that and it tasted great!
hello,I refreeze mine and have had no problems. In fact, I have frozen it already whipped and reused, no problems. I just hate wasting it.
Hello,I learned this from cc- add just a tad bit of corn syrup to the melted mm before putting in the p.sugar. 1 to 2 tblsp should do it, but not too much.HTH
I've only used mmf myself and not satin ice, as others mentioned, I place the shaped fondant on the warm cookie then I put them back in the oven for 2 minutes, or less depending on your oven.Also as Melvira does, I use impression molds to make pretty designs on the cookies. After cookies are frozen, I do the same after thawing, place fondant on them and put them under the broiler...very carefully, @ 350* and lower your rack. This has to be watched extremely close!
Yes, I understand the look you are talking about and just make sure you wipe the smoother off after using it so there is no leftover icing on the blade. I use the smaller one for the sides.I have not made the icing recipe you mentioned, and I would hesitate not having it refridgerated unless someone else has done so with no problems with their decorations.Totally understand the frustration you are feeling, try not to let it get the best of you and you'll be fine.jscakes
Hello cakemommy,I'm attaching a picture of the tool I use for smoothing my icing, Pastry Pride is what I use most of the time. If you can find a tool similar, they work great. Check the hardware stores.jscakes
nope, but I fell in love with the Penny's rolled sugar cookie recipe from here, thanks to tcturtleshell giving me the link for it!
Oh, such a cute cake indeed and you told the story quite well! Love the pictures!jscakes
Hello,I use Pastry Pride almost exclusively for my cakes, and although it does firm up somewhat, I wouldn't call it a crust though, fondant accents do not stay on for very long. They soak up any moisture from the icing and turn slippery and slide off the cake sides. Ones placed on top are alright, just realy mushy.Been there, done that and learned the hard way!HTH
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