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Writing with pastry pride isn't the best. I have added piping gel before and that does help, but it still breaks down from the heat of your hands-I even wrapped a very cool wash cloth around the bag while using. BC works great, melted chocolate is good also, and so is piping gel tinted the color you want.
Pastry Pride is what I use about 99% of the time and it's very similar to Bettercreme. (that's why I know that fondant turns to goo..been there, done that!) CakeGrlPA-what you said sounds like a plan! You can add ingredients to the Bettercreme for a filling as well, there are so many like: choc. ganache, caramel ice cream topping, the recipe on here for raspberry filling is delicious in it, lemon pie filling, the list is endless!!!
your fondant will turn to a gooey-mushy mess if you put whipped icing on first, it gets sort of melty, I would stick to BC underneath.
butter pecan...mmmmmm!
I'm so glad I've read this!!! I've hated the large cutter ever since buying the darn thing and didn't want to throw it away. I have been using 2 shortened wood dowels with floss as a cutter for larger cakes, maybe I'll hit my son up for a set of his extra guitar strings... Thanks for the tip auntginn!
I would advise against putting fondant over the top of Pastry Pride, it ends up a gooey-schmooey mess! If you add fondant accents to a cake iced with Pastry Pride, they will turn to goo and slide off.(been there, done that )
when you freeze cupcakes, does the wrapper come away from the sides when defrosting?
This is "for real" instructions and not a joke? Now when I look back at my children's cakes from years ago I may see smoothing like that, but not now, never in a million years! (wait, I had better go look at my cakes before I say any more, hehehehe!)
this works for me: I have 2 bowls of batter, one in each hand held comfortably and ready to pour. Starting in the middle of the pan, pour from each bowl at the same time and the batter meets up nicely in the center then continue until you have enough batter in each side. Sounds odd but that's how I learned how to do it.
why not have someone who bakes cookies send a cookie bouquet, or better yet if you were to do this I'm sure he would love it.(just a suggestion)
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