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umm, how do I log out? I thought it was on my name's drop down arrow where I'm logged in at. Can someone help with this dumb request?
my favorite recipes{{wp-favorite-posts}}this is what I got when I tried to look for my saved recipes...not at all a happy camper with the new version of cakecentral, sorry Jackie, thumbs down.
placed on a warm cookie right out of the oven, and then I place them back in the oven for a minute and a half-melts perfectly.
Tooooooooo cute!!!!!! That gave me the biggest laugh out loud today! Had to share with hubby, thanks for sharing this with us!
Have you tried Penny's Rolled Sugar Cookies? I swear it's the best and tastes great!
Remember the rhyme as a child, "...First comes Love, then comes Marriage, Here comes (names) with a Baby Carriage..." Using each tier for each stage. Just a thought.
You can keep Cake Boss, I enjoy Duff's "adventures"!
Check this thread, same questions with several answers.
I use the mmf on cookies all the time, I've also added almond flavoring to the mmf and it goes so well with the cookies! I put the fondant on as soon as the cookies come out of the oven then place them back in for 1 to 2 minutes-being very careful to keep your eye on them. Once out of the oven and they start to cool I use tips or other items to press in designs. My good friend sent me some little butterfly and bug stamps for fondant and I've used those on several...
yes it does smooth very nicely like BC as jlynnw says. I pretty much use Pastry Pride exclusively, friends and family love it.Another thing I've done is use RI to make your letters, let them harden and place them on the cake. I use a program to print out what I want then trace over them with the RI, they dry overnight or longer and place them on the cake not long before delivery. The moisture in the icing will make the letters soft and if they are not 100% dry they...
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