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I am looking for supply stores in the Calabash/Myrtle Beach area (and as far north as Carolina Beach/Wilmington) or within an hour or so around that area in any direction. Are there any supply stores or even wholesalers in this area? I am interested in both cake and candy related (especially candy, i.e. boxes, bags, stretch loops for boxes, etc.). Even a really nice paper/supply store that carries packaging options would be a great help!We had a couple of huge orders...
I have caked (and other desserts, candies, etc.) plus held my full-time job for the past 7+ years. The plan was always to quit the full time "eventually," but at this point I need my benefits through the full time too much to quit!! Fortunately, I work Sunday-Thursday, so I am off Friday and Saturday (although now high school football has started back for our youngest, which makes Friday nights so hard!), which works out perfectly for cakes most week!If you really want...
Does anyone have a recipe for a strawberry whoopie pie???
Thank you mellee. The Wicked Whoopie filling recipe doesn't get cooked though, just mixed together, but there's only 4 TBS milk in the whole recipe, so I think it is okay...I hope
I know that this question is asked over and over again with icing, but I have always steered clear of icing with milk in it...I have made the Wicked Whoopie Recipe posted earlier in the thread, but wondered if they are shelf stable due to the milk in the filling. Also, for those of you who sell them, what is their shelf life?
Thank you so much! This sounds perfect!!
I might should post this in the recipe section, but I thought I might get more response in the candy forum. I need a recipe or some advice for making Chocolate Fudge Easter Eggs - the kind with fudge in the middle dipped in chocolate like you would find in a candy store. It has to be shelf stable. I have found recipes for these with a chocolate pudding base, but I am unsure if they have to go in the fridge, which is not an option!Thanks in advance!!
I can't really offer any extra advice for the first question, but I did have a similar situation to yours with the cafe owner. A family "friend" owns a VERY popular, expensive lunch restaurant in our town. About 2 years into my business, she asked if I would be interested in selling some cakes "through" her to help jumpstart my business and introduce me to the highest end clients in our town. I remember being so excited. I later found out that she also was removing any...
I agree ! I often stack the night before!
I worked at a local bakery for about a week 8 or 9 years ago that claims everything is "made from scratch." Probably 99% of their products were "just add water" -- not even eggs or butter or oil or anything! I was shocked!
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