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Thanks everyone for all the great info. tcturtleshell, you answered all the questions I forgot to ask. Since you use the icing frequently, does it hold up well in humid weather? I forgot to mention that it also comes in chocolate in case you all didn't know.
I didn't know Sams sells frozen buttercream. I forgot to tell ya'll that the bucket is 28 lbs.? I know the homemade is so much better, but I was having thoughts that it would be so much faster if it were already premade. Now, I don't know if I want to buy it if it's oily! Thanks for all the info.
I know this topic has been spoken of before, but I can't find where it's located. Last night my DH and I went to Sams. I went to the bakery and inquired about the icing, and when my DH saw the price he said "that's going to go bad on you!" he took the bucket of icing out of the basket, LOL, and since it expires in Nov., he thinks the icing won't be any good since it's so hot right now.I wanted to know if any of you purchased the bucket of icing from Sams and if it's worth...
I prefer using parchment paper.
I have a KA Classic that is 5 y/o. My bowl doesn't have a handle on it or the plastic pour attachment. Is the Artisian an updated version? JC Penney has a sale on them in different colors for $299.00.
sheronc, thanks for the recipe I hate to sound like a "dork", do you mean "real butter" or can I use margarine?Thanks for sharing
I live in LA. and I use Crisco for my buttercream due to the heat and humidity. Also, the icing has to be stiff consistency or it melts as I pipe out the rose. You might try making them a night when it's a "little cooler" Yeah, right! our weather is about the same weather as FL. so I know what you are experiencing. I love to make roses any time of the year except during the summer months.
gmcakes, does the bottom plate come with the projector scope or does it come with the stand? I bought one today and the bottom wasn't in the box. Thanks,Melanie
Amber, if she didn't sign a binding agreement and paid you cash, how can she sue you? Since most people have cell phones "glued to their ear" (I even hear them ring during church service"), she should have called you immediately during the reception to inform you of the situation.Some people just want everyting for free.
Beautiful cakes
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