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I freeze my cakes after decorating if I plan to deliver on a later date. As stated before in a previous post be sure to wrap well and I also place in a large bag before placing in the freezer. I unwrap the cake and let it thaw at room temperature a few hours in advance before I transport or if you have to travel a long distance let it thaw during travel time.
Welcome Kelly, your cakes are awesome So many wonderful people that share information with us and it's free thanks to the Administrator's that created this site.. I don't get to post very often but reap the benefits!I haven't found a site yet that can compare to Cake Central Melanie
ROFL at all the post the gum is a good thing but when you eat the icing (like me) with the gum in your mouth I guess it doesn't work, LOL I haven't gained any weight but haven't lost any either. I Love Icing, it's my weakness when I took the courses my instructor told us "Don't eat the icing while decorating, cuz your gonna get fat" LOL
I read about it in the newsletter, that's how I found out.
Ditto on the thick board. I also anchor each cupcake (keep in paper with icing underneath) before placing them on the board. They will stay secure.
Are referring to the icing tubes? I have used the black for FBCT and I didn't have any problems. Just be sure to knead the tube before using because it has oil in the tube.
Michael's won't allow you to print a coupon from the internet but Hobby Lobby does. Do any of you know the reason why?
Your cakes are beautiful.
Your cakes are beautiful along with your talent. Take the plunge!
I have 6 boxes of cake mix, 7 bags of C.S. and bags of candy melts.
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