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I got it all set up clamped to my snackbar, connected to the arm and the scope will not stay up! it keeps falling forward. Did I do something wrong?Glad I didn't have a cake underneath Please help!
TiffTurtle, I read somewhere that you use 2 TBLS of coffecreamer or to your taste.
I also loved the show. I rarely use fondant because it's "pricey" and feel like I'm throwing money away because most people don't eat it.
Thanks everyone for the caramel info. I also plan to make the caramel but I don't want to heat up my house until we have a cool front. Unfortunately, I won't see any cooler weather until next month.
I have learned so much from all of you on CC and learn something new every time I log on to the site. Thanks so much for all of this wonderful information.
I agree on the way you handled the situation. Your cakes are pretty. How can you tell if a cake is dry by the appearance and haven't tasted it? I hope she did sneak a piece and apologizes to you later for her behavior.
I only use 4 T. of water and no salt.
Welcome Dan, I know a man that makes beautiful wedding cakes and a variety of cakes and other goodies. I was really surprised when I saw his work and his cakes taste great. I would say if a man can cook up a good meal why not decorate cakes. Go for it!
Happy Birthday to all the sweet cake decorators
Cake looks great
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