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Hi gmv,Thanks for the info., I was thinking on the same line as you but wanted another persons opinion. I didn't use anything in the icing that may cause it to spoil. It's still too hot here in LA. Thanks again,Melanie
I know this subject has been spoken of before about freezing cakes, but does anyone know if it is safe to "refreeze" the cake after it has been decorated?I made the cake Sunday, froze the cake and decorated it last night. I have it sitting out covered (in air conditioned home) with wax paper but I don't want to leave it out. It is for a function at work Thursday. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!Melanie
I also make a list of items I expect to receive. If someone ask me for a particular gift I buy what they ask for unless I absolutey cannot find it.
Awesome job on the cake. We seem to be so consumed in our "cake world" and expect postive feedback but some people are emotionless. They don't think about icing and cakes 24-7 like we do. Keep your chin up!
Is the small curved wedding cake pan used to make the cake?
monizcel, I read on one of the other threads one CC member makes her caramel in advance and stores it in her pantry. It does stay good not sure for length (months) of time. Be sure the can cools completely before you open it.
I also live in Lafayette. There are two rooms at Michael's they aren't very large. Crafts are held for kids not sure if they are every Sat.Maybe, a restaurant? I don't know where we could get a place for free.
Glenda, my DH called me at work today to tell me he tightened the screws and it stayed in place. I was so tired when I set it up I was sweating trying to get everything in place.Thanks
I also place it in a tupperware container for extra security and have also left it in the freezer for days.
Sounds like she is a jealous "broad" they look awesome to me! pretty cakes! don't stop decorating to please her!
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