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Hi everyone, I haven't been on the site in months so I was unaware that a Cake Disasters existed. Anyway, I posted a Frankenstein cake under the Halloween pictures and I just wanted to know if it was considered a disaster to the viewers. No one has left a comment. I didn't feel like the cake was a disaster, just thought that Frankenstein wasn't suppose to be "pretty". I appreciate all comments. Thanks, Melanie
Pretty cake, I like it!
May God comfort you during your time of sorrow.
They are Beautiful!
darlene, Thank you
This is my first attempt at making buttercream dream icing. I didn't add any meringue powder as the recipie didn't include it. I used 2 % milk and it taste great. I spread it over a cupcake cake which is causing me grief! It does taste wonderful! any suggestions would be appreciated.Thanks, Melanie
That it wierd! I'm sure when they travel all over the world they get thrown in every direction.
Your website it awesome and your cakes are Beautiful!
Beautiful, excellent job!
Thanks for the marshmallow tip! I love them and wasn't aware that they were used as a base for roses.
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