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It's a leaf tip!!!  It's gotta be!  Scroll down on this page and look at the photo showing the different designs with a leaf tip, the one looks JUST like the ruffles.   this person ^ shows some piping done with a leaf tip and you can see that line in the center!!   This cake looks similar, I am trying to research how to make it to.  I think this was done in one swoop, the ruffle on each side and the line down the center...I believe it was made with one motion.  Now to figure out what tip was used! lol  
I have a bride who's fiance LOVES Tom Hanks and she wants a groom's cake having to do with Tom Hanks.  It will be made of RKT, not sculpted pieces are possible as well.  It's not going to be too large, but I haven't a clue where to start!!  Tom has been in SO many movies, and while I like him as an actor...I have no idea what movies are his best or what to do with a cake to make it obvious it's about him????  Please, any help is appreciated!!     Tina
My cake contract is 3 pages, and most of my "rules" are because of past customers lol      
I've painted fondant with egg whites and it dries uber shiny as well!!  
IMO Thanh Thanh is the MASTER of buttercream!!  She has made pine cones, pine branches, amazing flowers, rediculously perfect scrolls, etc.   Check our her photos...she is amazing!!  
I like Khalstead's lol   I use 3 cups of sugar, it makes the cookies just barely sweet, but once they're iced with royal or fondant..they're perfect not OVERLY sweet.  
Thanks!!  And yes, they are for cakes that are 2 layers high and around 4" in total height (mine usually wind up around 5" but I guarantee they get at least 4")
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