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Three OMG's are not enough!!! THIS IS AWSOME!!!
I have an ADA House and my Counters and Cabinets are VERY LOW! I always sit on my Kitchentable and use an adjustable Chair
thanks for all of your help. I used "Two Gifts of Love from Heaven above"
2 of my friends just gave birth to their beautiful baby-boys. Both Dad's are Apachi Helicopters. So I was thinking... I will get my Frostingsheets and edible Ink today or tomorrow by mail. I would like to try it out anyways, so why not make a nice sheetcake for both families... I photoshop'ed a picture, but I still don't know what to write in the sky (maybe in a scroll). I already put the babies names on each scarf. The only thing I can think about is "Thank heaven for...
hello traci, we probably hit "enter" at the same time LOLI looked for danncy vanilla online and.. OMG! they sell it soooo expensive over here!!! Even on ebay! it's only $ 2 or so in Progresso, MX for the 1 liter bottle. Have three of them in my pantry p.s. the western store I was talking about is in Round Rock, TX I think
I live in central texas and my inlaws in south texas. Either they drive over the border (it's just 20 minutes away) and buy me some or I go over the border when we are down and visit. I also found the 1 liter bottles in a "western store" here in texas(they carry boots, cowboy hats, plaques, even furniture). they sold them for $ 3.95/bottle
I use pure mexican Vanilla. It is very dark, but it has a kick to it. I almost would say a tiny littly bit spicey. It comes in a 1 liter bottle and is only a few buck. It is called "Danncy Vainilla" and tastes soooooooo goooood! I always have to use less then recommendet in the recipe because it is so strong
AWSOME TIP! Often I use Ziploc bags, but it happens on and off that they burst on the seem when I squeeze to much... BIG mess. And I also hate cleaning out the Icing bag
Thanks for the advice. Ill try it out next time. My last cake (top layer) broke into FOUR pieces.. Arght
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