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My caramel recipe is pretty popular on here...
That will dry just needs to evaporated, but don't touch it anymore. It'll leave marks!Jodie
Thank you Alan, but I have tried all of that, with no luck. We haven't changed routers or ISP's, although I checked the router to see if sites could be allowed and called my ISP. I just won't be able to shop on GSA. I can get to every other cake decorating supply website I've ever used.Jodie
Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately that didn't work.
Well, since I'm a computer tech, I can't complain about computers TOO much!
They have a nice variety of ruffle rolls on Albert Uster, but the minimum shipping is $25! They used to carry them at marquefoods, but don't seem to anymore.
Thanks Jan....I had tried to change to allow the site in Ad Block Plus and to allow cookies from the site. Since I also get the same error with IE, I didn't think Ad Block would make a difference because it's a Firefox plug in, but I thought it was worth a try. It didn't matter. We checked the firewall in our router also. You can block IP addresses and sites, but you can't allow one. However, I also get a time out when I try to ping the site, which tells me it's not...
Leah.....if you find a good supplier for the ruffle rolls, please let me know. They seem harder to find than they used to be!
Yes, they will crack if you beat too much air into them. A cheesecake is like a souffle. Air makes them rise, then they'll fall as they cool.Cracking can also be caused because the sides of the cheesecake stick to the pan. As the cheesecake cools it shrinks. If it's stuck to the sides it will crack because of the pulling. When I take mine out of the oven, I let them cool for 10 minutes or so and then gently open the side of the springform pan to release the sides, then...
This is also an incredibly difficult question to answer due to the face that "average" cake prices differ wildly based on the area where you live. If I could sell cakes in Illinois I could never charge what could be charged in New York City, for example.Jodie
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