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Let us know how it worked out!!
Mudpuppy!! This is pretty much exactly what I had to do too!
I did run a business from home which I just recently closed. You will find you will get conflicting information. First of all call your municipality if they say no then you don't go any further. Some will say yes but you have to meet certain requirements a big one is a greese interceptor and then the fire codes. Then the local health dept will have their say. I did it it cost a total of about 20,000 by the time I was done to start it up.
I generally only wanted max 2 at an appointment (preferably 1) as I found too many people was too many opinions and took way too long
Lol!! I know about this it made me feel like an amusement park!
Man, Sorry that sucks!
Lol!! really cute I too am a former graphic designer and a Cancer so I hear ya! All my best to you in your audition!!
Here is a link for you
Yes this has been one of my biggest frustrations as well. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to spend extra hours with each customer explaining every detail so they can budget their cake. By that time I've lost too much money. I would have customers send me detailed fondant cakes and want me to recreate them for maybe $50 and the cake would be worth at least $600. This is one of the reasons I've closed my business. By the time I put all my time into dealing with...
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