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I have a Cake Trick rolling pin and I LOVE IT! This thing is like 9 pounds and with that weight theres no effort rolling. Also has a lifetime warranty. I'm really hard on rolling pins, like really I tend to bend the handles, but not with this one. It's a bit pricey, but so worth the money.
I made a cake today that I mixed strawberry preserves with buttercream as a filling. Do you think it would need refrigeration or would it be ok until tomorrow?
Anyone know where the best, most reasonable priced place to order cake boxes in bulk is? Mainly 12" and 19x14. Thanks!
Do i need to refrigerate a cake with raspberry preserves as a filling? If not, how long will it stay good? If I were to fill and crumb coat today, ice and decorate tomorrow, would it be ok for a Saturday morning wedding without being refrigerated?
Also, keep in mind that a true full sheet cake is 18x24 or 18x26. Everyone kinda has their own idea what a 1/2, 1/2, and full sheet cakes are. 
I would try to go with a  full sheet cake at least. If you are worried about not having enough servings, you can add another  1/2 sheet at the bottom and trim to size, or give them the option of having an extra cake that they can set back somewhere and use in case its needed.  I say double as my customers tend to serve larger pieces. Everything IS bigger in Texas...even cake 
I would just use a teeny tiny bit of the sky blue. It's what I use to get a pale blue. Just start with a very tiny bit. You can always add more if needed. 
The last two weeks my buttercream has been giving me a really hard time. I'm making it the same way I have for years and with the same recipe and it's fine for a few hours, but then will start getting kinda like a wrinkled, rippled look once it set for a couple hours. I iced a cake last night and it was perfectly fine when I went to bed, but I wake up and it's got a rippled look to it. Anyone know why its doing this and what could help it not do this? I'm tired of...
I almost started kicking myself for taking it. To me its a pretty easy cake, but that 4th tier scares me. Did you do it just like the pic? I posted earlier asking about structure. if you did it like the pic, how did you stabilize the 4th tier? With the one I am making, the bottom is styrofoam, so I am thinking it would give more support for dowels. 
What is the technique called that's on the third tier and does anyone know the easiest way to do this?    
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