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there is always someone who is comparing your prices to the local grocery store.  I forget where I'd read  (been several years ago), but that grocery stores like Walmart don't even actually plan on making money through their bakery.  They are there more as an advertisement or a draw to their store.  You buy a birthday cake, where are you going to get the candles, ice cream, paper plates, etc, all the other foods for the party, etc?  Yep, they're thinking you'll get them at...
my thoughts, exactly!
yeah, onion-flavored fondant doesn't sound too appetizing. >.<
You could start with chocolate fondant and add red color.  That's how I'd do it.
I have just pinned that recipe on pinterest.  Looks very rich!!  I love rich...
I usually hope that someone else will make me a cake.  My mom has always come through.  Unfortunately, she and my dad have decided to be "snow birds" and are in Arizona during my birthday now, so I haven't had a birthday cake in the past 2 years.  I always secretly hope that my husband will at least buy me a cake or that one of my kids will attempt to make one.  It hasn't happened yet.  I was kinda depressed on my birthday last year because it felt like my birthday...'ve had it posted here for a couple years now. It has received 10/10 stars out of over 100 votes. I think that means it's good I love it and use it as my basic frosting instead of buttercream
another option might be to use royal icing like how you make a tiara... and then set it on top of the cake after it's all dry. I don't know how much time you have, though.
Good luck *fingers crossed* Let us know how it arrived, if they let you know...
no prob
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