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I swear this carrot cake recipe is awesome! I am already drooling just thinking about it. a stiffer cream cheese this recipe can hold up to 4 cups of icing sugar but I make mine with just 2 cups because I like it less sweet.
All great cakes Cathy. You sure have been busy. My favorite is the one with a pink bow and black dots. What did you use for the lettering for 'With thanks David'?
I always use either SMBC or IMBC and no matter what kind of cake I do I always use cardboard circles that are already covered. The biggest cake circle for the base I use 1/2" thickness , for the cakes that are to be stacked I use just one 1/4" thick circle.
I just use parchement paper on the bottom. This way, I never have problems of cake sticking to the pan. I bake a lot of chiffon type of cakes and I read somewhere in the Cake Bible ( I think) that the cake bakes higher if you don't grease your pan because it clings to the pan as oppose to sliding off when it's greased.
These are just adorable. I've seen something like these before but now as much choices as these! thanks for sharing!
In pastry school you will learn a lot about the basics and theories about baking and you will also get tons of recipes and make them too. You will also learn a lot of things that are not cake related like croissants and breads. Do you really want to take that route?Classiccake is right, you will just get one or two modules about cake decorating. When I started decorating, I learned everything by books and magazines. And now, I learn a lot from the internet too. And...
If you can make them commit to buying from you regularly, let's say once or twice a week then it can be a great way to have a repeat business. You can also set an MOQ ( Minimum Order Quantity) per order, for example of 4 dz. cookies per order or $ 100 per order, and be sure that whatever that MOQ is you are well compensated for your time and effort. If they haggle you for cheaper pricing, tell them along the lines of - My regular price is $2 but if you buy 50 or so I...
When I first started using fondant, I used to make mine using the recipe from The Cake Bible. I didn't know where to find ready made ones until the last 2 years. Yes, those ready made ones made my life easier! Especially for large cakes. I haven't tried MMF, it seems easy enough and this post makes me want to try it.
Here's a tutorial on how to smooth meringue based buttercreams: that helps!
hsmomma, the open house cake stating sounds great! Could you please share how you conduct it? Do they all come at the same time? Do you discuss details individually at that time? I had a bride once brought her friend who was also getting married at the consultation and I was a bit overwhelmed with discussing details back and forth with them. I really like the idea of just baking once for samplings. If 5 brides come and 2 didn't, it's still okay, at least you didn't...
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