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I used the half a ball pan for the belly and cupcakes for the boobies. Here's a picture of the naked belly:
It's the only BC I use and most of my customers love it because it is not too sweet. The other reason I like it because it's all natural - the main ingredients are eggwhites, sugar and butter. Simple as that. It's really a matter of personal taste - some people love it while others don't.I discovered Antonia's original post years ago, and using that plastering tool is the best thing for smoothing IMBC. Thanks again Antonia!
In case it doesn't taste lemony enough, you can also wash it with lemon flavoured syrup.
Hey, this is what this forums are for If you put it in the fridge, it will harden up like butter. I always make my frosting just before covering the cake. But if ever I need to make it in advance, I freeze it then when I need it I leave it in the fridge overnight.Then in the morning I leave it on the counter til it's room temperature. If I need it quick I zap it in the microwave for a few seconds, whip it with the rubber spatula, zap again for a few seconds, whip...
Crumb coating your cakes definitely helps in containing the crumbs. Sometimes I brush out the crumbs first before crumb coating. I use either IMBC or sMBC and it's so easy to have a smooth sides using a special tool. Check out this tutorial to see the special high- tech tool I'm taking about.
I place the warm cakes, not hot, in the freezer and it is always moist, never soggy. When I take the cake out of the oven, I take the out of tha pan and lt it cool down for about 15 minutes. I then wrap them up and place in freezer. I have tried once making a chocolate cake recipe from a pastry chef with specific instructions to put the hot cake in the freezer. Came out very moist and not soggy at all. The only reason I don't like putting a hot cake right away is that...
In the old school way, the cake part for the Strawberry shortcake is more like a biscuit rather than cake. That's why it was called a shortcake. I think that's what your friend meant. Here are some links to the old fashion way,just take your pick! think with any of these recipes it's best to put...
Here's a tutorial that has pictures: luck!
Don't stress! The IMBC look curdled at one point when making it especially after the addition of butter. Just let it whip until smooth. If the butter was too soft, it can appear rather soupy. Just place the bowl in the fridge to cool a bit but don't leave it too long or else it will harden up. Beat again until smooth. Good luck and keep us updated.
It happened to me once when I tried a recipe that had a pound of butter in it, I think the culprit maybe that there was too much grease.
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