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What a lovely bouquet of flowers. I would have thought that they were real. It shows that you had fun making them.
Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see the finished cake.
That's the deal of the century, Royalty. She's not the type of client that you want to have anyway. I know sometimes we make cakes because we just want to try a certain technique or design to add to our portfolio. For me, this is my hobby and I'm glad that someone actually pays for it. I just charge to cover the cost. And DH always gives me a hard time about that. But I always say it's a hobby that pays for itself and a bit more. My latest cake in my gallery I...
I've made a lot of gift cakes in my gallery using the technique shown here:
ha..ha..don't want the language police banging on your door...lolOn a serious note, I'm also from Quebec and getting legit depends on which arrondissement you're from. Some will let you do it at home, some won't unless you are in a commercial zone but all have said it has to be a separate kitchen that is licenced by the MAPAQ. Back then when we were looking for a house, I wanted to do my research if I can have my cake biz at home. I spoke to someone from the city hall...
Here's a recipe and a tutorial on how to make MMF. Just scroll down to bottom of the page.
Yeah I remember reading most of the pages in that discussion. That's actually how I got the recipe. The biggest issue they had in that forum with that cake was that it makes quite a large dome when done. Not an issue for me though...I just cut it out and I get to try the cake! It's really a good cake though. It has a dense crumb and like the name implies it tastes like a brownie! I think I'll make one this weekend...
I didn't make the cake pictured above, terrylee. But yes, it would help to chill or freeze the cake frosted with buttercream first before adding the fondant decorations.
That looks super cool! Great cake too!
That was exactly what I meant....(see last part of my post). Then cover the whole cake with fondant. Sorry I wasn't clear enough
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