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Maybe it's too cold. How about setting the bowl on some warm water and mix it from there with a spatula? Then when it's soft and smooth you can put it back to the mixer to whip up again. Hope that helps.
I agree with Mare2009, your buttercream maybe too thick. I also find that when the narrow end or the petal tip is too narrow, my flowers become jagged. The icing tip I have most is petal tip # 104 because I am always on the look out for a better tip.
when the fondant gets a bit dry and then it is moved, it has the tendency to get wrinkled or looking like elephant skin. Try rubbing some shortening on it to get it moist again. I know its really annoying, it happens to me too. Working fast may also help so the fondant won't crust as much.
yup, I agree with PinkZiab, IMBC and SMBC will taste the same. They have the same ingredients just different methods for getting the meringue. I love this icing maybe because I love butter. I love butter in my toast, in my cakes, sometimes I cook with it and sweetened butter? even better. I know it's weird but yup I'll take real butter anytime... What I like most to add to IMBC or SMBC is some orange liquer like Grand Marnier... that is my absolute favorite.
thank you! The foam sheet looks like a sheet of white paper only in foam, it's about 1-2 mm thick. I got it from the dollar store in the craft section. I cut about 1/2" width strips of it.
I find that different brands of marshmallows give different results. I used to buy the store brand and it always worked fine for me. Then one time I found another brand on sale and tried those. It gave a different result - it was hard to knead and was dry. Try kneading in some shortening, hopefully that will help.
I had a similar thing happened to me. My handle didn't dry out in time so i had to improvise. I used 2 gum paste floral wires and attached them together on one end. Then I cut strips of foam sheet and attached to wire with a hot glue gun. Then I wrapped and decorated it with ribbon. Here's the finished product. The wire did not look proportioned to the cake at all but I didn't have enough time nor the steam to make another one.
They made me wear it when I was in pastry school and when I had to work in different kitchens ranging from a grocery store bakery to a classy joint. For me it's more like a uniform. The long sleeves had saved me a few times from getting a burn. I never wear them at home, consultations or delivering my cakes. I would rather dress up comfortably but nicely presentable. Most of the time when I bring the cake to the reception anyway, it is just the waiters that are...
I usually make 2 flavours, vanilla and chocolate cake, and that is about it. Though I make different flavours of the BC. Whenever I have appointments for a wedding cake consultation, I almost never mention that I will have some cake for them to taste. Then when I finally meet the couple, they are always surprise and happy to see and taste the cakes. Then again, there are those who ask right of the bat if they will be able to taste the cake and I ask them what would...
Yup, that's what I would do.
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