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I am a scratch baker too. Here's a yellow cake recipe, it's adapted from Sylvia Weinstock's yellow cake recipe. . I replaced the sour cream with milk. I really, really like her recipe, it always turns out good for me. I like it because it is not too, too dense and it is moist.
When I made the black MMF for this cake , I added the black coloring (tons) at the stage when the marshmallow is melted just before the icing sugar is added. It turned out a nice. You really have to put a lot in because like the other posts, it can turn green on ya.
I personally prefer eating at room temperature. I always advise the people eating my cake to take it out of the fridge at least an hour before eating it. I do have a couple of friends that would only eat it cold. One would actually freeze the cake before eating it. So yup, there is no wrong way of eating it.
Not a silly question at all. When the ganache has cooled down (but not cold) it will set almost like a BC. When you whip it, it will incorporate some volume and will lighten up the colour a bit. The consistency is perfect for icing a cake and even for piping.
lol...I didn't see the last piece part of your post ...hahadrakegore, please let us know what happens next. hope you'll have luck with it.
umm sounds yummy ...can I have a piece of yours too?
all this talk about ganache is making me hungry. I have some leftover cake last night with ganache on it. I'm off to go get a piece... I digress...sorry
Thanks for sharing. Will certainly have to try that.
I agree that chocolate is a bit temparemental to work with. That said, I find the step of refrigerating the ganache overnight then adding cream to it when its cold a bit odd. The proportions seems okay though. I just saw a chocolate glaze from the cake bible that has butter to it. How about adding some soft butter? Honestly I don't know if that is going to work but someone else might have a (better) answer.
I have made a cake with strawberries and buttercream as filling then covered with fondant. I made the cake the day before it was due and it turned out okay. It absolutely need to be refrigerated especially if you are using whipped cream.
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