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I don't normally do this but once I actually froze a cake covered in fondant (it was for a personal project but I lost interest, lol).  So I wrapped the cake very well in plastic wrap and left in the freezer for almost a  month.  OK, although it still tasted good, I would not recommend it that long, two weeks like Leah said would be ideal.  But it was for family, so I was ok with it, lol.  Unwrap first when thawing and place in the fridge to slowly thaw out.  The cake...
Did you try checking ebay?  you just might luck out!  Good luck!
I started using SMBC but now I make IMBC.  Tastewise they taste the same coz they have the same ingredients.  And both are same in terms of stability.  I prefer to use IMBC because I just find it faster to make.  Maybe it's just me but I find that the meringue in IMBC cools faster that SMBC, I am quite impatient, lol.  I think it's really just a matter of personal preference.  
Yes, writing on the cake is sometimes nerve wracking, it can either make or break it.  Practice makes perfect!  Sometimes when I have leftover buttercream in a pastry bag from a cake project , I would just change the tip to a small round #2 or #3 and take a cake pan and just pipe away.  I like to use the pan so I can practice lettering on the sides of the cake as well.  Then I just scrape of the icing away or put it back in the bag and start over again.    As for...
I always make my smash cakes with just buttercream for that reason(choking hazard). I know it would be easier and nicer to decorate it with fondant but can you do it in bc instead?
Whenever I need a dark colour like black or red, I mix the gelpaste colour (lots of it) at the stage when the marshmallows are melted and right before mixing in the icing sugar. I find it easier to mix the colour this way. But I have also done it also by kneading into the paste, it just takes longer and a lot of colour.
Like Jamie, I am also an advocate of meringue buttercreams. The taste and ingredients of IMBC and SMBC are basically the same it's just the methods of making it are different. I used to make SMBC more then I switch to IMBC but can't really remember why I did the switch. Just love the taste of it. And smoothing is such a breeze. I use a spackle tool to smooth the sides. I made a tutorial using this technique here ...
I had the same dilemma as you, those turrets are intimidating. Ditto with the paper towel rolls or aluminum foil rolls or parchment paper rolls. I find the last two more sturdier than the paper towel roll. I have a tutorial on how I made the turrets for my nephew's castle cake. this helps!
You can brush or sprinkle on some simple syrup to add some moisture to the cake. You can flavour it up by adding some liquor or any other flavourings . Simple syrup is equal part water and sugar, put in a sauce pan and bring to a boil. Let it cool before use. Good luck!
Most of the TT cakes I did were in BC with fondant accents. There's a couple of them in my photo gallery. I use IMBC and after frosting the cake, I place it in the freezer until the icing is firm. This way it will buy me some time to manipulate the cake.
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