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I think we all go thru this one time or another.  Stop kicking yourself and just put this experience in the "learned my lesson" file.   There are times that I will charge less because I have never done that type of cake before and my confidence level in making that cake is not that high.  If I get another order for the same cake, I would then charge more because I would now know how to do, how long it took me, etc.  You did a great job btw and I hope that they...
That is exactly what I did for a cake I made recently that had a rhinestone ribbon as a bottom border.  I left about a 2" gap between the ribbons.  This way the bride and groom can cut the cake without taking the design off.  But of course the anything inedible should be taken off before serving the cake and you have to remind them that.  
When I bought my airbrush machine it was to cover a pyramid shaped cake in gold.  Boy, do I ever loved it!  I got mine from here I got the complete kit and kaboodle :)  I love the design, it is compact and easy to carry around and does a fantastic job.  You can purchase airbrush colour in gold.  You can also use gold dust powder mixed in with some vodka or other clear alcohol and use that with the...
Try this carrot cake, it's really good :)
Ruby red is a deep darker red.  Try making red buttercream then add a teeny tiny bit of black.  Try on a small batch first before making a big one.  
I explained here on this page how to make a tiered cake Yes you would need dowels for each tier that will have a cake on top of it.  And then, there is also the optional but highly recommended dowel thru all the layers.  I say optional because I have worked in a bakery that did not do the dowel thru all the layers thing even for cakes up to 5 tiers!  They never had problems.  I do it for the peace of mind :)     Yes,...
Nice cake! 
A double layer of 9 x 13 would be a good shoebox size and shape and it would definitely serve 30.  
Can you use the scotch glass as your mold? Maybe cover it with some plastic wrap.  what are you thinking of making it out with? gum paste, Isomalt? 
Definitely need a support system if the cakes are to be stacked on top of one another.  If the dowels used are food safe, I wouldn't worry about it. I am not sure if Wilton still makes them but they had the Floating Tiers cake stand that you wouldn't need to dowel but it is a different look.  
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