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I've been looking in every place even the search engine to find the how to make the converse shoe pattern. Can anyone lead me to the patterns? Thanks!!!!!
You take luster dust gold or silver and add high grain alchohol. Like 100% is better than 50 proof they have something called ever clear which is like a 200 proof alchohol. Mix them and add to the fondant. The higher proof the more shine it has. Hope this helps.
Nice work, I don't see why people order and agree with the price and complain later. That was a GREAT job done. IT is a little pricey, but I do cakes and know the work involved. I look at it this way if they want it they will pay for it cause where else can they go to get it? I sometimes feel like the cake prostitute, Tired of it actually. By the way how did you get that nice coors writing done?
Indydebi you were not alone I came from a home of 8 children with a single Mom after my Dad walked out. I don't think I knew butter until after I got married, I love butter for some odd reason. I only use butter in all my cookies. Guess it all depends on personal taste . 
That's what I was thinking , raise your prices you know your too low if someone can do no work and make money off of you. What people don't think of.
I wanted to comment about the baking strips someone mentioned, I used to use those but found if I baked my cakes at 340 a little longer I hardly get a hump and if I get a small one as soon as the cakes come from the oven I take a towel and press them flat. No more need to fit the liners on the outside.
I use magic line also I love the crisp corners on their square pans. I wanted to add I also have bought some Fat Daddio and liked those too. Whatever you pay good money for lasts the best in baking I think , you get what you pay for and you will have these pans literally forever. I don't regret buying good bakeware at all.
I also bought Marina's LOVED IT, I got one of John's for what I've seen thus far loved it also and I started the one about the topsy turvey, quite interesting. They all seem well done. I wouldn't pay full price either, the sales are GREAT!!!!!
I haven't been able to post a picture in months and half the time it won't even let me see the items and things load super slow. I've about given up coming here it's so frustrating. It wouldn't even let me put a claim in for tech support so what else can you do?
What a cute story.....................
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