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This really is the age old questions. Scratch or mix. I too had problems with this. I graduated from culinary school and thought I HAD to make everything from scratch. I have been making all of my wedding cakes from scratch and only charging $2.50 a slice. I think I lost money. Now, my standard cake price is a mix and my signature cakes start at $4.25 a slice. I prefer the mix because it takes so much less time to bake an I can spend the rest of my time decorating.
Yes, I know these cakes are really not the best subject in the world and very tacky. I had a very bitter divorce because he was bi-polar. My family had a small party for me. I wish I could have had a speaker(yes like a radio) made. That is a very long story but I don't think I would of had these cakes. But, I guess if you are in it for money.....It is funny how things really do happen for a reason. I am now re-married with 3 beautiful children went back to culinary school...
Oh man are they funny!!! Wish I would have thought about this 7 year ago when I got divorced.(Boy, I hope he is dead. He was bipolar...kind of bitter.)
For the first time you really did do a great job. I am sure everyone loved it. Don't be so hard on yourself!
Yes. I will usually make RI or BC flower(up to 20) for the cost of the cake but fondant/gumpaste flower are very time consuming and I will charge a premium price for them.
I charge $2.50 a slice but anything with handmade flowers I charge $5.50 a slice starting out. Heck yeah! Charge for them.
Wohooo! Way to go! Keep up the good work.We will need to support each other here. I just had my first one in August. My 2nd cake was on Labor Day for 500!! That was a crazy week! LOL.Keep us posted on upcoming events.Allison
That is another cute idea.Yes, make them all out of fondant. If you have time try and make them differtent colors, some pointy flage, some square. The possiblities are endless. Ediable markers will work or make them not edible and use a fine tip sharpie. Either way tt will be cute. Send pics when you are dome.Allison
Wow! That is a ton of money they are asking for...Wouldn't it just be as easy wraping it in plastice wrap and putting it in a white cardboard cake box. They both would have the same out come....Yuck!
CherryBomb your website is really cute! I hope it all works out. Let us know!!! I will be asking you for the same help soon.
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