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This cake is featured in a classic 2nd grade story, and made by the teacher each year during class.  I've been asked to make this cake with the kids, but to HOLD the eggs (both yolks and white).  A few students have egg allergies.  So, are the yolks the binders, and are the egg whites contributing to the structure?  What would you substitue for the eggs?  Thanks.   Thunder Cake! Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Cream together one at a time: 1 cup shortening 1...
I've got my tiers crumb coated in ganache. The caramel filling is starting to break through and drip down the sides. What can I do to stop the leaking (if anything) before I pour the final ganache coat, and stack it? I pressed down pretty good before I put on the crumb coat, when the cake was at room temp (maybe too much??). Thank you .
Anyone see St. Patty's cake pop ideas yet? Thanks.
Are you using an airbrush? I used an airbrush, and mixed one drop of teal to about 10 drops of the pearlescent. I found the straight teal through the airbrush was WAY too dark.
Does anyone else find the Wilton melts to be inconsistent? I'm convinced they have to be very fresh...and they'll behave well. If they are older, I think they don't melt as well, and will clump. I really wish they'd put an expiration date on the bags. I've bought bags that seemed fresh, while others didn't. The lavendar color is often discolored in the store...the whole rack! Anyone else have that happen?
Vanilla or white cake, with strawberry filling, and a layer of vanilla custard.
Has anyone tried the Cuisipo cupcake plunger? it work?The Cuisipro apple corer also looks like it would do the trick? Any luck with it?
I just saw a post about 4-5 hours ago that had a link to a tuturial (with pictures). Basicially, she cut a domed top out of the cupcake, pulled the lid off, filled it, then sawed off the lid, and replaced the flat part again to plug it back up. The part she cut our of the cupcake resembled a cone shaped (like a diamond for an engagement ring). She saws off the bottom of the cone to accommodate for the filling added. There was a picture of the final cupcake cut in half....
I read a post (dated one year ago) that Walmart sells the candy rock pebbles. Do they still carry them? Have you tried them...any good? thanks
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