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Yes, your cake is lovely. I saw the cake before I read the posting and replies, hardly noticed the small imperfections. Take your cake to the party and (like my instructor-long ago, drummed into our heads) DO NOT EXPLAIN YOUR MISTAKES. Your friends will love the cake.
Try it shows cell phone #'s and landline# just put in name, city, and state.
Aren't you suppose to thing chocolate with shortening and not oil?
My ccc always flatten until I used the recipe from the butter-crisco can. They came out really good, andthe recipe is similar to Mary's#1. Try that recipe I think you will like it. I was so excited about the way they looked and tasted. I was waiting for them to flatten, but they never did. This is a keeper for me.
Love your bouquet. My only suggestion would have been to put a 7th uno cookie to add a little height and make it appear more balanced. I think you should arrange in odd numbers, I guess that is an unwritten rule. I noticed on the cookie sites that they do odd numbers.
I think your cake is worth more than $20. I also like it. The one thing I've found out about people is they will pay for what they want. I also learned a looong time ago not to judge another person's pocket book. My aunt taught me that when I was selling jewelry and I thought she couldn't afford what I was selling. I was shocked when she bought about $300 worth of jewelry and paid me cash on the spot. She told me "you don't know what I have" and I guess that was...
This happened to me on an 8" 2 layer. Cake was for my neice and she said the center wasnt cooked. Asked her if she saved it to show me, she said no, and since she's always happy with her cake she just wanted to let me know. Since she gets most of her cakes from me I told her I appreciate her letting me know, told her her next cake would be on me. Since she gets about 10 a year I was ok with it. And the good thing about her she is always with her cakes.
go to (satin ice website) and elisa strauss makes on on there. You will love it.
TheBlonde, thanks for the website. Wow just what I need.
First question-what is an Agbay? Sounds like something I don't have, but my husband would get for me just because he will think I should have it if it is used in cake decorating. Congrats on the bonus. I think you should buy whatever you want for your hobby. Definitely get some storage units so you can organize. I would look into getting edible printing system, airbrush, and duplicates of pans you use the most. I would buy mostly durable goods, not too many...
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