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what about the no skid shelf liner that we use to keep our cakes from moving in transport. I think rolling that over your fondant would give it kind of a searsucker pattern.
Could you take an egg shaped cutter and bend it to the shield shape. The egg shaped ones are everywhere right now, and pretty cheap.
And has it on sale!
I was wondering how many people use Satin Ice Gumpaste? GSA has it on sale and I was going to order some, and thought I'd ask for opinions first . Does it dry pretty fast? I know I like their fondant.
I am pretty sure that is a Wilton #86 ruffle tip used upside down.
I always use canola oil. I don't buy anything else.
This should help.
If you order from GSA or Oasis Supply you would still have time. Both are great and ship very fast. this out. It explains it all. You can order it from global sugar art, among other places. I have ordered it from them and recieved it very quickly.
Buy the SPS system. It is pretty inexpensive and works wonders. I bought it after having a cake disaster. I just transported a 3 tiered cake 25 miles on rough winding roads and it never even wobbled. Arrived at the venue in perfect condition.
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