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Are you talking about the one from, or the one from Buddy's show on TLC? That might help us narrow it down a bit for you.
Oh, gotcha. Misunderstanding.
*ahem* Read carefully. I said not fair to classify those with legal home kitchens to people who advertise on CL.
Well, plenty of people do have licensed home kitchens and are law abiding. Not fair to classify people who do things legally and make beautiful cakes with the people on Craigslist who do not. But then that's a whole new can of worms I am sure NO one wants to open.
That's such a great point! If you consider all you are getting, it isn't that pricey, and you receive 10% for being a Cake Central member. Software is expensive, but oftentimes worth it. Save up for it and it will be worth it.
Rosie-there were some suggestions on the home page tutorial-a lot of things that can turn it yellow. Read through them and see if any of them applied to you. I
Ha ha-I have to see how it turns out. I'm not super confident it will.
I am making a mold. I found a plastic one that isn't suitable for sugar use-only chocolate. So I am making a model from clay, and then a mold from silicone from that.I am planning on casting that either Monday or Tuesday, so I'll let you know how it goes. I have already had 2 failed attempts, but I am determined to get it to work.
I am in Colorado and there is 0 humidity here. I think I am going to add just a little bit of water. Off to the cake store!
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