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Thanks so are totally awesome. Please keep them coming.....I have to get the nerves to start to make them...Thanks again.....
Congrats!!!! Doesn't it feel good to win for the first time...The cake looks awesome!!!
Oh..sorry here is a pic of the chest!Kim
Becka,I made one a few weeks ago. For the lid I use styrofoam. It was like an inch thick, used the bread knife to cut and fit the cake. What I like about it is that it takes buttercream really well, it is light, and it is easy to prop it open using lollipop sticks. Hope this helps!!!!Kim
Please someone who have done this design...HELP! I would love to know also....BUMP>>>BUMP>>>BUMP
I think this cake is beautiful. However, if you think it is a bit pricey for your area. Then think about offering the cake without the cookies around it. Find something less expensive to sub it with, that way you could give the customer that cannot afford the $75.00 an option. Still supply them with a great tasting cake and gain more customers....just a thought...Kim
Hello everyone...I am stuck for an idea. I was asked to create a cake for a program at church. It is called their "Friends and Family Day" I am only doing a half sheet cake. I need your help on a design or something....Can you say stumped?!?!?!?!??! I would greatly apprieciate your help....Thanks in advance,Kim
SSCakesHello...if you take a look at Boween..her name is Connie and an excellent decorator. She has some some Tinkerbells that she created using the standup edible images. Also, she is always willing to help if you have any ?'s...Look at her pics....hope this helps....Kim
Congrats....and good luck with the future....
Thanks you guys.....I love this site and the people...... you all give so much support. Thanks again...Kim
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