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Hi - I tried searching the forums but did not find anything on topic. I am making a hummingbird cake for my daughter's second birthday and want to cover it in cream cheese icing. But I also want to decorate it a bit (I'm 8 months pregnant so not too much!) so I will need to use some buttercream icing on top of it. I assume that will work fine but any advice/tips? Thanks!Camille
Has anyone tried to use fondant to cover the top half of the cupcake? I just made a practice cake before my little girl's first birthday next weekend, and I am very unhappy with how buttercream looks on the top (I tried a variety of methods/tips). I have not found any pictures of giant cupcakes made out of the Wilton pan that have fondant on the top - those with fondant on the top were carved instead. I'm already planning on using fondant for the bottom.Please let me...
Just found another thread on this very topic - apparently it does make very thin layers. I also made the mistake of using just 2 9" pans instead of 3, trying to shortcut things. Oh well, I know it will taste very good!Thanks anyway,Camille
I have made this delicious recipe twice and each time the cakes do not rise much. I figured it was just because of the weight of the strawberries and the density the strawberries and juice create - but am I the only one with this problem?Any ideas on how to fix it?Thanks!Camille
I guess I should hone my Google skills, as I did not find that - thank you so much!
How much cocoa?
I am making the Cake Doctor's Toffee Crunch Cheesecake, and I cannot find chocolate sweetened condensed milk at the grocery store (I checked 2). Any ideas how to flavor the milk without making it too thick? Or should I just make the cake with the plain milk?Thanks!!
Does anyone know of a good place to get those chocolate coins covered in gold foil?I've looked at Target and my grocery store to no avail. I'm making a treasure chest cake.Thanks!Camille
Oh, I always assumed air tight was better! I have the top off now and will travel with the lid ajar in my car. Thanks everyone!
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