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Thank you for posting the Martha Steward recipe for Lavender Icing, does anyone know where to find dried lavender for this recipe?Thanks
One of my students told me that she has a "secret recipe" She was told to put 3/4 to 1 cup of white cake mix into her buttercream icing along withthe sugar, crisco, and water....she said everyone swears by how wonderful it is. Does anyone do this?Thanks
Has anyone tried his cream cheese pound cake recipe? It sounds really good. I just got a bundt pan and was looking for a recipe.
Thank you so much for putting this all together!!!What a wonderful treat for everyone!
One year my kids for Mother's Day bought me a battery operated little sifter!!!I think it was one of the most thoughtful gifts my kids ever got me. They would see me sifting all the time, so they actually got me something they knew I would use.The little sifter works great!
If you are looking for a fantastic choc. chip cookie recipe like I was then you must try ladeebug's recipe that is on this site. I tried it yesterday and it has been almost impossible to keep my hands out of the cookie jar!Thanks againCupcakes
When I was young and in Public School in New York, the school used to sell chocolate chip cookies in a waxed paper bag. Though that was more years ago then I care to count I have never found a recipe that ever equaled these cookies. They were large, thick and soft, not your typical choc. chip cookie. If you have a recipe for this type of choc. chip cookie I would so appreciate it if you could share it with me.Thank You,Cupcakes
I don't live in that town, but near by
I had the same issue with them a few years back.I renewed the magazine, they lost my check, they found my check and still I did not get the magazine and then I received 2 of the same one. It was quite disappointing and after that subscription ran out that was it for me!Customer service is very important,
I was wondering if anyone had the recipe for the chocolate icing that they use on the cookie cakes at Mrs. Fields. I bought a slice of cookie and it was tasty!Thanks,Cupcakes
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