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The bed is cake... on a 1" styro-foam platform.The head and footboards I did out of foam board (but you can use a gum paste/fondant mixture just leave enough time for it to dry hard)the picture I got off the internet... it was just a black and white coloring sheet that I used to make a template out of fondant.Does this help?
I would start with a medium Ivory (for the brownish color) , add a drop of egg yellow (to add a little yellow orange color) and finish off with some lemon yellow... hope this helps
Hi...If you look in my gallery I have made a Toy Story Bed... what exactly are you looking for an answer to? I'de love to help if I can...Good LuckTracie
Can I still cover a cake i fondant if I use whipped frosting?That stuff seems so unstable to me, I've only used BC so far and I know that works Any Tips, A recipe, or do I just say nope, sorry I can't do that and run away?by the way it's a stacked two tier cake for 40 people.with fondant accents.
for chocolate There is a creamer something like caramel toffee.... I think or butter toffee something like that and that goes well with chocolate tastes like a "Heath Bar" IMO.Hazelnut is also good with chocolate.And yes BC with strawberries and raspberries is YUMMY I made a cake last weekend with that as a filling. make cupcakes and keep adding different things to your cake mix as you go on... taste them pick the ones you like. Good Luck... Relax... and enjoy yourself....T.
Start with what you like. Chocolate mint is yummy, Lemon cake is yummy, just go with what you know simple white or yellow cake with strawberry or raspberry is a huge seller for me ( especially in the summer). Hope this helpsT.
cool...thanks for posting
When making a batch of MMF can you just add the color you want during the melted marshmallow phase if you need the batch all one color. Or does this do something to the texture?BTW I use Rhonda's MMFThanksT.
I have a batch of RI in my fridge I made two weeks ago. Seems to be fine and I plan on using it today. Hope this helps a little.T.
Thank You, I think I will stay with the BC and keep away from the fondant.Just too scary for me.
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